First: Blasting operations on land

  • HOT SHOT EGYPT has carried out and completed many blasting operations, and prepared the trenches needed to extend pipelines in several locations in different governorates:
    • in Matruh governorate (El Obayed pipeline – Bapetco)
    • in Red Sea governorate (Project of the Nuclear Power Plant Authority in Qatrani Mountain and blasting operations carried out for the Sumed pipeline)
    • in Assiut governorate (Paving the Assiut-Sohag Western Desert Road)
    • as well as in Qena governorate (The preliminary work for the extension of the Abu Tartour railway line)
  • The company cooperates with several large mining companies, which rely on the use of explosive materials, in the extraction of quarry ores, whether public or private sector companies.
  • In Addition to HOT SHOT EGYPT activity in the extraction work of basalt stones from quarries.

Second: Blasting operations under water

  • HOT SHOT EGYPT has carried out maritime works of the “Trans Gulf” project in several locations:
    • in Red Sea governorate – Ras Bakr area
    • in South Sinai governorate – Wadi Feiran area
  • The company carried out the blasting operations of the deepening of Marina El Alamein lake in Matruh governorate for almost five years during the period from 1993 to 1997, in favour of a group of giant companies such as Arab Contractors company, Mosahamet El Behera company, and Abu Zaabal Company for Specialty Chemicals.

Third: Beach and coastal works

  • The company carries out the extraction and production of large basalt stones to be supplied to companies specialized in the protection of Egyptian coasts and beaches against natural erosion factors:
    • Canal Harbour & Great Projects Company in Kafr El Sheikh, Balteem area
    • “Egyco” company in Damietta, El Borg area
  • In addition to these key activities, the company, with its unique human potential, carries out other activities as previously mentioned:
    • Construction and maintenance of portacamp and hangar.
    • Implementation and maintenance of engineering and civil works, as well as maintenance work for water lines and sanitation and sand cleaning and paints in marine units, in addition to cleaning tanks and supply of technical and non-technical labor.
    • Establishment of warehouses for radioactive materials in accordance with the technical specifications to protect against the risk of leakage of radioactive materials and obtaining their authorization from the Atomic Energy Authority.