Welcome to a shopping experience like you’ve never seen before. 7AWALAYA is a free mobile phone application that gives you deals and information from your favorite brands when you’re around the shopping point. No need to search for offers, they’ll come to you. No spam.

You select only your favourite brands. The information you need, when you need it and where you need it!

What & Who & Where

  • Product is designed primarily to get all info around users from Events, Offers and Coupons, and offers getting all information around him based on his location. Can be used by Smart Phones or tablet work with Android OS over 4 [ICS], also it gives user information from google directory about any points of different services, including hallmarks – Pharmacies – Airline – Banks – Sports clubs – Embassies – metro stations – Hotels – government services – commercial centers. And also shops and restaurants.
  • Its designed to server any marketing agencies and any cultural center or any events organizer, also commercial malls, Tourism section. 
  • It can be used in multi markets [Local & International & Regional]

7awalaya benefits

  • 7awalaya is a location-based advertisement solution offering highly targeted communication. It’s a very flexible and user friendly marketing tool.
  • Most of purchase decisions are made at the point of sales. 7awalaya helps you to engage your customers at the right place, right time, with the right deal.
  • EGYPT has a mobile phone penetration ratio of 155%, one of the highest in the world. Shoppers always have access to the brand message.
  • 7awalaya delivers an exceptional shopping experience allowing the users to control the advertisement they’re willing to receive.
  • 7awalaya’s unique technology proposes exceptional tracking and control on marketing campaign. app. 

Unique features

  • Free & Unique in the EGYPT
  • Easy to use : Download the app, select your favorite brands, the promotion will come to you at the right time and right place
  • Search for current offers in selected malls before going shopping
  • Always available with you, no printed voucher Immediate discount at the cashier
  • Not intrusive, no spam

4 Easy Steps

  1. Download the free app on your smartphone
  2. Once in an area, get informed about new offers & coupons and events a round
  3. Select what you need & get your shopping coupon
  4. Show the bar-code to the cashier & enjoy great savings

Available on:

  • Android
  • iPhone [Soon]

No download cost, registration fee, or subscription fee. In fact, we don’t even require you to register or provide an email address! Simply download the application, select your favorite brands, show the code bar to the cashier and start shopping in style. Check out our easy to understand slider infographic to guide you through the use of your app. 

7awalaya Features

  • -User register for application
  • -Getting user location and display items around him
  • -User get Notification for new items around him
  • -User can set the range he want to display items
  • -Displaying item details
  • -Add to favorites
  • -Add to shopping cart
  • -User can share any item with his friends
  • -Navigate to item Advertiser location and display speed of user
  • -Search for items [7awalaya search – public search]

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