I’M HERE – Voice Bot Solution


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I’M HERE delivers a great experience and increases the operational efficiency by using the ease of use of a voice bot that leverages natural language processing. I’M HERE includes a set of AI technologies that enable computers to mimic human conversations either through text or voice. I’M HERE predominantly includes Chatbots and Voice bots. While Chatbots are primarily associated with text conversations, Voice bots are an extension of Chat bots that use voice as an interface on top of the same underlying set of technologies. It automates user/customer facing touch points on different platforms such as social media, websites, apps, voice assistants, etc.

“I’m Here” Voice Bot: An Overview

I’M HERE is a conversational AI solution that allows enterprises to automated human-like conversations over text and voice. It utilizes AI technologies such as NLP, ML, to understand user intent, and learn from past conversations, respectively. In addition, it combines these technologies with voice recognition, text-to-speech and speech-to-text APIs to accept voice inputs. I’M HERE is composed of a set of components:

  1. NLU Natural Language Understanding. This component takes text input and can determine the intent of the input and also identify the entities.
  2. TTS Text to Speech. This component is used to synthesize the output of the NLP into speech.
  3. ASR/STT Automatic Speech Recognition/Speech to Text. These components are only used in Voice Bots for transforming spoken context into text.
  4. Integration: this component allows us to pull/ push the call requests and the call result summary.
  5. Call Manager: this component manages the client calls.
I'M Here Architecture
I’M Here Architecture

I’M HERE architecture can be implemented on different cloud platforms. Google (Dialogflow), Amazon (Lex), and Microsoft Azure (Bot Framework) have enterprise grade cloud platforms that manage the conversation structure and flow.