Indoor / Outdoor Banners

We utilize high quality printing machines to ensure the best printing and finishing output..
We have a variety of printing media ranging from media for outdoor use and for indoor use, following are specifications for different medias…

Backlit flex face (known as flex):
Translucent flexible sign face material. Ideal for backlit billboards and light boxes, exhibits, and trade show displays. Available for indoor and outdoor use.

This durable, opaque white material has a smooth, uniform finish and is water resistant with no lamination required. Great for banners, billboards, signs and point of purchase displays. Available for indoor and outdoor use.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl :
Adheres to most surfaces , it can be adhered to exhibit boards, glass, plastic, metals and painted surfaces. Great for vehicle signage.
Used for indoor and outdoor signage, building murals, and banners.

Open-weave flexible material typically used for the production of building wraps, trade show danglers, indoor and outdoor signage.

Backlit film (duratrans):
Great for light boxes, menu boards, gives extremely vibrant colors. For indoor use or short term outdoor use.

Glossy paper and glossy film:
These high gloss materials are great for posters, prints, and indoor signs.
A gloss or matt finish can be applied For indoor use or short term outdoor use.

Coated paper:
This coated matt paper is an economical choice for short term posters and signs. Can be laminated with a glossy or matt finish.

For indoor artistic feel images,
This smooth white poly/cotton canvas produces excellent paintings at a lower cost. great for art reproductions, the quality is excellent for those who require a more economical alternative than hand made paintings.

For a price quotation or to order your prints please click here.


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