The project is to use a system to register and manage the museum’s art holdings and link it with the Foundation’s website on the World Wide Web. In order to manage, inventory, control and follow-up the holdings in all their cases. And qualifying for the expansion of the uses of technology in the museum display. With the possibility of employing means to display the data of the registered holdings. The process of accessing an artwork is facilitated by using a QR Code or NFC.

The portal is designed according to the latest design standards, which adopt simplicity and high artistic taste.

Project specification

The portal will be developed digitally to suit the vision of the institution, multilingual (Arabic – English – French) at the request of the client, with the possibility of adding any number of languages in the future. It has a dynamic that allows the visitor to browse the holdings and see their details in these languages, while employing the holdings management system that was developed by the Egyptian Foundation for Creativity and Design to serve the purposes of digitization and management of private holdings with the development of the gift and ticket outlet.

Aim of the project

  • Create a digital platform to manage holdings.
  • Creating a site for the public to view the collections, the museum and other information.
  • Establishing a website for the gift shop and extracting tickets.
  • Continuously updating the portal using the latest and easiest methods.

Project sections

  • The Foundation’s portal to display information about the museum and details ofits holdings, including Backend & Frontend.
  • Museum collections management system.
  • Adam Henein Contest.
  • Gift Shop.
  • Ticket site.

Museum collections management system

This part allows the system administrator to fully control the lists of all types of content mentioned in the section directed to the audience of the portal through the holdings management system, which was designed specifically for this purpose and is characterized by ease of use and the absence of the need for great experience in managing sites, and Spectrum standards were taken into account in the design of the functions of the museum Collection management system.

Basic Included Procedures

  • Widget Object Entry login (screen with complete information about the Object)
  • Object Exit
  • Acquisition and accessioning
  • Cataloging
  • Incoming loan. Loans in (borrowing objects)
  • Outgoing loan. Loans out (lending objects)
  • Management of sites and movement of pieces. Location and movement control
  • Inventory warehouse management
  • Documentation planning. (Update the documentation periodically)
  • Condition check and technical evaluation. Condition checking and technical assessment
  • Collection care and conservation
  • Extracting a Code that contains a link to access data for Collections

The following optional Procedures

  • Collection review.
  • Deaccessioning and disposal.
  • Damage and loss.

The following optional Feature

  • 3D Object Inserting & Preview.
  • Adding Museum Plan and assign Object Location to it.

The Museum Portal

  • The portal is built in a way that ensures browsing in three languages: Arabic,English and French.
  • The portal is built so that it can be viewed through the most popular international browsers according to the supported versions (Safari, Firefox, Edge, Chrome).
  • The URL link is being developed to have an easy and clear editing feature.
  • The presence of a counter for the number of visits for each work.
  • Securing website pages against hacking.
  • Implementation of a communication interface with the H-MCMS Museum Collection Management System to display the collections to be published on the portal .
  • View competitions and various activities.
  • View various news and events.
  • Create a page to register in the mailing lists.
  • Create a page for a 360-degree panoramic view of the museum.

Gift shop and Ticketing System

  • This part allows the gift outlet manager to manage and sell the offered products and issue tickets for the visit.
  • Manage the products offered for sale and issue invoices for them.
  • Issuing tickets for the museum with the possibility of adding a QR code to it.

Technology used

The project is implemented as a web application using Microsoft tools and programs and using the services site of the Egyptian Foundation for Creativity and Design:

  • core 3.5.
  • Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Hawas-QR [Code Generator].