With consumer AR expected to reach $14 Bn by 2021, ensuring your students know how to design and develop for augmented reality is crucial. Give your learners the skills they need to leverage this new creative canvas by teaching Hawas Design Studio.







Lead the digital revolution at your university

Hawas Design Studio’s powerful feature and cloud-based authoring system can help transform your education institution using the creative tools of the future to empower your learners, further enhance your learning programmes and drive recruitment.






Transform secondary and further education

Schools and colleges across the world use Hawas Design to deliver more engaging and rewarding education programmes. By learning through doing, students can develop and expand their technical and creative skill sets while cultivating their interest in coding and digital media.








Inspiring and nurturing the youngest minds

AR can have a meaningful impact, especially at the very early stages of the education system. Using Hawas Design Designer, educators can nurture and develop curious minds, by bringing learning materials and resources to life with a splash of color and interactivity.