Bring your images to life with XR


Today we are officially welcoming image-based recognition and tracking to over 3 Billion web browsers.

What does it all mean?

Up until now, mobile image based recognition and tracking has only been available for people to create via an SDK (from various companies). And to use it you had to download and install a dedicated app. Now we’ve brought this technology to the web, so you can create these experiences directly from your web browser, and people can interact and use the experiences you create by just clicking on a link. It doesn’t get any easier than that. It opens directly in the web browser on their device. No downloads, no installs, no plugins. Just the web!

All without any coding. You can create these experiences quickly by dragging and dropping your content and then adding animations and interactions to them. Or, if you’re a developer you can add your own Java script or CSS to enhance the experience.

We also support combining location and image based Augmented Reality, 360° and VR content in a single web app. Truly Mixed Reality.

The speed of the tracking is very much based on the type of device you’re using and we’re squeezing every last bit of performance we can out of them. For the best experience we’d currently recommend using modern Android devices (e.g. a Pixel) or a new iPhone (e.g. iPhone 8+). However, it does run on older devices – even Androids as old as 2013 and back to the iPhone 6 – but the fps (frames per second) can vary a lot.

For this initial launch we’ve focused on making sure it runs on as wide a range of devices as possible with the most robust tracking as possible. From here we’ll be working to optimize the fps and we expect upcoming changes in the browsers to speed this up over the next few months too.

Check out the video below to see how easy it is to add your image and content that displays when someone scans it.