Cashless Canteen System is a cost effective solution for schools, colleges or anywhere with a catering function requiring cashless payment. Account balances are held on a central PC which allows cards to be blocked instantly in the event of any loss or damage to the cards. Adding funds to the cards is done in real time so for example cash added is available for use at the POS straight away. The system can be used with magnetic and smart cards. It’s easy to implement, easy to use, secure and cost effective.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Better planning, control and management over campus payments.
  • Reduced administration overheads and costs.
  • Direct savings through better cash flow management (prepaid funds).
  • Improved meal planning and reduced food wastage.
  • Increased revenues through higher spend and more usage of canteen facilities.
  • Fast and efficient payment process, quicker service, shorter queues.
  • Reduced cash handling, better reporting and reduced cash shrinkage.
  • Improved school safety by minimizing cash on the campus.
  • Provides parents better control on children’s campus eating and spending habits.
  • Reduced student and parent complaints by offering an excellent quality service.
  • Provides value added functions such as event planning.
Cashless Canteen System Flow Diagram
Cashless Canteen System Flow Diagram


Contactless Card Technology Industry Standard, secure and cost effective card technology
Card Design and Printing School can customize their cards and print/issue to students in volume or individually.
Campus Account Student Campus accounts are setup and used to fund and track student spending on Campus.
No funds are lost if the card is lost or stolen
Account Controls Parents can set daily spending limits on student’s accounts and set food controls. For example: pizza, fried rice or chips could be banner, or anything with peanuts or if child has a peanut allergy
Automated Remainders Reminds parents via email or sms to top-up accounts with insufficient funds
Canteen Smart POS GUI system allows schools or caterers to quickly setup menus touch screen provides simple operation for canteen operators contactless card speeds up payments and reduces queues
Card Function
  1. Instantly disable cards
  2. Instantly assign new cards
  3. Instantly adjust balance add or less
Other Features
  1. User security for database maintenance.
  2. Multiuser accessing.
  3. PC Based system with smartcard / Proximity reader and printer.
  4. Easy selection of items.
  5. LAN (Intranet) based client-server solution.
  6. Facility to configure unlimited items.
  7. Eliminates the cashing up & Reconciling process at every day end.
  8. Daily or monthly limits can be set up on account transactions.
  9. Card holders image and Diet control can be stored and displayed at the POS terminal.
  10. Card balance are available at all times, with or without the card.
  11. Amount stored in software as well as on the card.
  12. MIS reports.